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The star of Repulsion [review] and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (and of more recent films like Apres Lui [review]) has often been criticized for her chilly demeanor, but a smart director like Buñuel can take what others see as faults and turn it into a performer's greatest strength.

Deneuve stars in the film as Séverine, a 23-year-old newlywed who, despite having been married to the handsome doctor Pierre (Jean Sorel) for a year, has not yet consummated her marriage.

Ask me again in 24 hours and the answer will almost certainly be different.

Great-grandma died when I was small, but my gran is still going.

Eeeeeeee that's a toughie, it really depends on the day and time.

For the sake of argument let's call it Brecon Gin from the Penderyn Distillery, I love the cardamom hit, the citrus.

The reasons for this are fairly obvious: a keyboard patch or strummed guitar makes a homogenous sound in which all notes blend together into a unified whole; a string ensemble is far less homogenous, since it features different types of instrument, as well as multiple players performing each note of a chord.

The resulting sound is therefore richer, more complex and more expressive than a keyboard or guitar could ever be, so in order to avoid creating an overly dense sound, we need to think carefully about what notes in a chord should be assigned to the string players.

This month, I'm joined by the talented composer, arranger and orchestrator David William Hearn, whose extensive CV includes (deep breath) music for the TV shows Dancing On Ice, American Idol and The Voice, countless television ads, programming orchestral mock-ups for the movies The Chronicles of Narnia, 2012, Lay The Favourite and Paul, for tours and albums by Katherine Jenkins, George Michael, Westlife, Kylie Minogue and Shirley Bassey, and for producers such as David Foster and Phil Ramone.

And yes, this even included gin, and yes, even when it was expensive, scarce, or unobtainable - such as during Prohibition or the war.

They passed that trait down along with a few treasured recipes.

I say "recipes." What I really mean is a few jottings on scraps of paper. As a teenager my favoured tipple was whisky - long story - and my first few encounters with gin were decidedly uneven.

Top tip to any young'uns who might be reading this, never drink any cocktail that is both milky and blue, OK?

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