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” The nine skydivers are expected to raise over £1,600 via donations from friends and family and hosting their own community fundraising events.Applications for the “Sky’s the Limit Dive Day” remain open until Thursday 25 August, with interested parties invited to contact Amy Bidwell in the fundraising office on 01223 723186 or by emailing [email protected]“Although I’m fairly new to the charity – having only joined the team in March - I’ve seen how much of an impact fundraising has on the services and would like to make my contribution.I know what I’m letting myself in for because I did one many years ago but I’m still scared of stepping out over the edge of the plane!Left to right: Isobel Curtis-Smith (Occupational Therapist), Mike Hitchcock (UK Parachuting), Amy Bidwell (Community Fundraiser) and Catriona Gregory (Occupational Therapist) all kitted up and ready to go, for the Skys the Limit Dive Day ILIFFE A trio of local therapists will reach for the sky next month in a bid to raise hundreds of pounds for Cambridge’s Arthur Rank hospice.Occupational Therapists Catriona Gregory (Haverhill), Isobel Curtis-Smith (Great Shelford), Jill Fairchild (Haddenham) and Community Fundraiser Amy Bidwell (Waterbeach) who all work at the hospice, will take to the skies with UK Parachuting for the tandem skydive over Sibson Airfield in Wansford, Peterborough.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so the more knowledge these students gain, the more power they have to achieve their goals.

These included a vocal performance from , a Shakespeare monologue and a dance routine to the Austin Powers movie theme song.

Containing four brand new studios, 150 students pursuing dance and choreography, drama, acting and theatre studies will benefit from the new centre's state-of-the-art equipment.

" "yeah sure" he said we went to the place where they cant hear our conversation "bro, do you like my sister? "nope, i trust you bro just dont break her heart or else something will happen to you" "really bro? " "yepp" i said popping the letter p "thanks bro" he said "no problem" we 'bro hugged' we went back to the others and started doing the photoshoot kade// cant believe that chance accepted me for his sister after talking to him we went back to the others and starting the photoshoot i went to the spot to get the camera "ok guys who wants to be first? " jake said me and chloe looked at each other confused "what? " me and chloe said at the same time "because we ship CHADE" "whose gonna take the photo?

" "jake" "umm okay" i said smiling and walking towards chloe and putting my arms in her waist and she put her arms in my neck we were facing each other then jake started capturing and we do random poses after that kade took his camera and started capturing the others the photoshoot was done and we started the campfire we were circling the fire position: kade chloetessachance anthonyerikaalissajake nickmartinez twinsaj neelsalex it was now and we planned to go home at we were just talking and i realized that my eyes are closing and i landed on kades shoulder i know it was kade because kade is at my right and i landed on my right side we both share blanket..

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