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We rely on God to guide these difficult discussions.

If you have questions about any of them, please contact us!

– women’s issues – premarital counseling (Vicki is Prepare/Enrich certified) – couple’s counseling (dating, marriage, re-marriage) – family counseling/parenting issues – teens – anxiety – identity/purpose/self-esteem Click here to learn more about Vicki.

– couples/relationships (Trudi is Prepare/Enrich certified) – blended/stepfamily issues – adolescent issues – sexual abuse – PTSD – divorce/separation – bipolar disorder, OCD, ADD/ADHD Click here to learn more about Trudi.

Cornerstone Christian Counseling is fortunate to have excellent therapists on our team.

And while we believe that the wide range of expertise and experience offered by our therapists would allow almost anyone from any situation to find the help they need here at Cornerstone, research shows that much of the change people experience during their time in therapy is because they felt heard and understood by their therapist–that their therapist “got them” and that the guidance they gave was relevant and applicable.

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