Correct method of consolidating concrete

The following chart provides the recommended specifications for concrete vibrators used with ICF: Technique The most important part of consolidation is proper technique.

To vibrate properly, plunge the vibrator head to the bottom of the 4’ (1.2m) lift of concrete as quickly as possible and retract it slowly (approximately 3” (76mm) per second).

Vibration, either internal or external, is the most widely used method for consolidating concrete.

Do not dump the concrete in separate piles and then level and work them together; nor should it be deposited in large piles and moved horizontally into final position.The most effective vibrator to achieve this result is an immersion type concrete vibrator with a 12’ (3.7m) flex shaft.The specific requirements differ slightly for different concrete core sizes.As long as bubbles still emerge as the concrete vibrator is withdrawn, more vibration is necessary.There are many different types of consolidation vibration equipment available for internal consolidation.

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