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The funding round was also joined by two angel investors, Quora co-founder Charlie Cheever and Trailerpop founder & CEO Jon Vlassopulos.The founders of VINA, Olivia Poole and Jen Aprahamian, created the company to build a portfolio of products designed to compliment the social lives of modern women. VINA, lets women swipe through the profiles of other members, pairing users up based on shared interests, mutual friends and location to help create platonic relationships.I have been in a relationship for five years, so I’ve never really used the dating apps or sites that I hear friends talking/complaining/getting excited about. I did wonder if I should include a shot of me with some actual real life humans to prove that I had encountered social interactions, but then I wouldn’t feel totally comfortable if somebody uploaded a picture of me without my knowledge on an app like this so decided against it.I relocated to London from Newcastle for work around two and a half years ago and, while I have met a lot of lovely mates through my job and boyfriend, as somebody who suffers with a rather aggressive case of resting bitch face, unfortunately I don’t really fit the whey-aye-man-they’re-all-so-friendly regional stereotype. Other settings include distance (pretty self-explanatory) and age range, which automatically selects a span of a decade – five years older and younger.I recently moved to a new place, and I have no friends.

The talented team at VINA brings a very unique perspective to social networking for women, and I am very excited to watch them grow.” When we spoke to VINA in April, the company said Hey!News: As of Monday July 3, 2017, there are over 621,585 Friends available for rent worldwide.Rent has been featured on CNN, ABC, AOL, The Today Show, MSNBC, Associated Press Fox News, and many more media outlets.Sadder than the loneliness — which is not that bad, really — is the sadness of saying it!kept me from being so undeniably in this position before.

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