If dating roles were reversed

I tell them that I want to find someone who can cook for me.

I'm looking for someone how complements me, which means breaking the normal gender roles.

Sour-faced, rent-a-gob Remainers such as the Tory MPs Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan have taken up permanent residence in the television and radio studios — seemingly wheeled out every hour, on the hour, on all channels — wailing their siren warnings about Britain heading for the rocks.

The same people who a couple of months ago were demanding that the Government bail out the ailing steel industry are now howling in fury at assurances given by ministers to Nissan and other car makers that they will not suffer after Britain leaves the EU, even though these guarantees have secured jobs and new investment.

So much time, that I don't have, to prepare something that is eaten in a third of the time.

I make quick things or eat out and that works just fine, especially living in one of the best food cities in the country.

Instead of getting better at something I don't enjoy, I'm going to continue being me, which means laying carpet in my parents' basement, like I did over the weekend. At that moment, I wondered if there would've been a mention of single sons if I had built the table that these precious scones were sitting on?

You don't hear many Moms telling their sons, you should find a nice girl who can lay down some tile, but on the flipside, a guy who can cook is a hot commodity. When things are out of the norm, they get attention, but apparently they can't be too far out of whack.

Plus, if you ghost someone and then run into them at CVS or randomly bump into them in the hall, it'll be painfully awkward for both of you. If they invite you to a party, you can say, "Thanks, but I'm going with my friends.

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"At first she wasn't sure she wanted him to know, but after talking about it, she decided it would be easier if he knew.

Simultaneously, MPs insisted they should have the final say on triggering Article 50, which gives formal notice of our intention to quit the EU within two years, and be allowed to dictate our negotiating stance.

Although Mrs May said it would be triggered by the end of March, the Remainers’ endgame is to delay the process indefinitely so that the 2020 General Election becomes the second referendum they have so far been denied.

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