Internet dating sad stories

n October 1st, 2013, inside the science­-fiction section of the Glen Park library in San Francisco, one of the Internet's most-wanted men sat typing quietly on his laptop.He'd allegedly assumed multiple identities and made nearly half a billion dollars in under three years.

Other times, the scammers just do it on their own, with the knowledge that most foreign nationals do not file a case due to the great distance separating them, and some other foreign affairs technicalities.

He was allegedly the founder of Silk Road, an online illegal­goods bazaar that had been dubbed the e Bay of vice.

A Texas native with a master's in materials science and engineering and a mop of brown hair, Ulbricht bore such a resemblance to Robert Pattinson that girls stopped him in the street to take their picture with him.

The library was near where he had been living since moving to the city a year earlier.

He liked to come here for the silence and the free Wi-Fi.

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