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My husband's issues have been public knowledge for years, and yes, I chose love him anyway. It has been difficult to keep private matters private when I have been afraid for my physical well-being time and time again. I hope we are stronger and better as individuals, no matter the state of our union. In addition to claiming their marriage isn't real, Short told ET that he never cheated on Steffans, and that the real reason she got mad and kicked him out of her home was because he didn't agree with some things she was putting in her new book. "She is a super bright woman, and it's unfortunate some haven't mastered their emotional behaviors.

It is my sincerest hope that @officialcshort gets the professional help he needs and I will be there to support him when or if he does. As embarrassing and humiliating as this time is, it may be necessary. There are photos, audio and police records that point to the truth, all of which I keep closely guarded. But even the greatest of men lose their way when substances are involved. "I just want to move on with my life and get back to work," he added.

Steffans quickly took to Instagram to deny Short's claims that they never married, posting an image of their marriage license filed in the state of California.

"IN RESPONSE TO STATEMENTS MADE BY @officialcshort ON SIRIUS RADIO: Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue that affects families and marriages worldwide.

"I didn't cheat or anything of the sort," he said.

"I didn't agree with some things she is putting in her new book, and she basically told me to leave and she was done.

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When we come to the table we bring our extensive knowledge base, experience and a invaluable library of code and creative geniuses. Our hardware and technology runs on Amazon Web Services, the leading and future of tech.The budding actress has been working with Columbus on a movie entitled “Meet The Shorts” for the past month or so, during which time her messages about the man have gotten progressively more and more heartfelt.Her post just two days ago all but confirmed that Columbus is indeed her man. "It was too much," the 33-year-old actor said of the incident. " On Tuesday, Short confirmed to ET that he was splitting from his wife.

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