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Posted under a caption that began with "Rush TKE," the video depicted one of the male students having sex with the female student inside the garage of the fraternity house near the Glassboro campus.Rowan learned of the video last week after it was posted to the websites Porn Hub and Yik Yak and caught the attention of students. )And all this topped off by the obnoxiously obvious strategy of repeatedly dropping Bill Clinton’s name into his non-apologies and forcibly extracted apologies. For a start, he didn’t mention Bill Clinton, and he did in fact apologize. I was never in a frat, but I have been in plenty of locker rooms and heard plenty of trash talk about women. I know men who grew up without fathers in the worst circumstances, and they wouldn’t say these things. It is hard to find words for exactly how low Trump is.

The students, both members of the school's Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity chapter, were before university officials Friday, but the school refused to reveal the outcome reached at the administrative hearing. House Speaker Paul Ryan disinvited him to a joint appearance in Wisconsin on Saturday, and then his replacement — running mate Mike Pence — also bowed out. It is going to be fascinating to see if there are any Republicans willing to be seen with him. But millions of Trump’s followers will not be deterred by this sickening episode. I don’t even know how a human being with any honor could show up on TV at Sunday night's debate and be able to look Hillary Clinton in the eye.

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