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It fired a weapon that cut a swath four thousand kilometres long from Florida to Venezuela. TUCKER: When you spoke to Admiral Forrest, did he say what part of Florida was hit? Locate the rebels that Archer was harbouring and return them to the Empire. CHANCELLOR: We are offering you a chance to regain your command, and your honour. (A round metallic object comes out of nowhere and stops above the Earth. It strikes the ground in Florida, cutting a massive trench into the planet as it moves southwards into the ocean.

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I also allude, often, to my own identity struggles of being really mixed and coming from a suburban environment.

Recently, since the 2010 Census data has started to trickle out, there has been some discussion about the interracial marriage rates among various ethnic groups.

REED: Maybe it has something to do with the (Archer enters, and they all stand.) ARCHER: There's been an attack on Earth.

PHLOX: I can't remember the last time he asked me to join the senior staff for a briefing.

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