The frisky are you dating a cat

And it's also set the celebrity world a bit topsy-turvy.Here are just a few of those who've been plucked from obscurity and thrust into Twitter greatness.Being a little, erm, chubbier than the swift squirrel, the cat rolls around like a seal soaking in some rays at the beach.The feline does get a few swipes in, but the squirrel ultimately outpaces him with his Matrix-like abilities.Okay, I know what you’re thinking, this is one of those things that turns into prostitution or something really dangerous, right? Escorting is not as glorified as it seems to be, especially if you’re not a high class one, and especially if you’re in a suburb in the middle of nowhere.

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I caught myself by grabbing the wall, and when I looked back, there was nothing there.

Then it hit me that not only had the door not been opened to let any cat in (and there were no other cats in the house), but Frisky had been dead for awhile and buried in the backyard somewhere. Certainly, but it felt much too real to have been some weird hallucination.

But when the acorn-loving critter was fully grown, he ran away to be with his other bushy-tailed friends in the wild.

From time to time though, he gets a little homesick and ventures back to the house where he was raised. The hilarious squirrel hops all over his kitty friend, nibbling here and there to elicit a sassy response from his playmate.

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