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Some of the best shopping malls are here too, while backpacker hub Jalan Jaksa is full of budget hotels and affordable restaurants and cafes.

At the west is where you'll discover Old Jakarta, also known as Kota Tua.

A ribbon of orange barrels ever-reaching just beyond the horizon.

Our escape to the sand and fudge of some Great Lakes tourist town or an empty forest where the simple pleasures of gasoline and a campfire mean you can be as redneck as you want. and that’s why we made this list of places you need to visit this summer. So on your way to/from the states, grab some Italian or Middle Eastern or British food in Windsor.

Wanted to start with dinner at Green Dot Stables, but they won't reserve tables. Have done Al Barzone so would rather try something new. Despite the ubiquity, they continue to execute their coneys at a high level.We may not have the swelling piano or the silky smooth pipes of Tim Allen, but here it goes: The Michigan road trip. A time to get out of the city and take in the wealth of beauty around us. And somewhere in between that first regrettable meal at Cracker Barrel and the awkward eye contact made with a trucker peeing in a Gatorade bottle while stuck on I-75, we find it.There are several space-themed coneys to be found throughout the city, and Cosmos can be easy to miss to the untrained eye.In fact, you might call it the "pale blue dot" of the coneyverse -- but in this part of the city, it’s a hot spot for no-nonsense, authentic coneys available round the clock with its 24hr drive-thru. Whichever location you choose, you know you’re going to get the coney special, you know you’re going to eat every last one of those fries, and you know you’re gonna wash it all down with a tall, cold Coke.

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